A new era of Coach Realtors


Our story began in 1954, with a mission to champion, inspire and lead Long Island's best real estate agents.
Take a look as our story continues...


Generations in the making

We've grown and nurtured our brand over decades with care and thought. Today our family of over 700 agents continues to grow strong fostered by a heritage of achievement, encouragement and kinship.

"Join us as we turn the page on this exciting new chapter of the Coach Realtors story."

- Whitney Finn LaCosta, Co-owner

Guiding us forward

A timeless symbol, updated

"We do real estate well and we have the numbers and accolades to prove it."

- Robert LaCosta, Co-owner

Our heritage reminds us that the places we want to go are always within our reach.

Our values help us get there.

The best work comes from the heart.

Our care for each other goes beyond professional. We take a personal interest in the well-being of our peers and our clients.

Wisdom is meant to be shared.

There are six decades of experience beneath every word we speak and we are motivated to share our knowledge with the world.

Good things take time.

We make decisions with careful thought and mindfulness, always taking time to consider how our actions could impact others. We've grown our business with steady steps, not hasty ones.

700 minds are better than one.

The best kinds of people are the ones you can depend on, lean on and ask for support. Our 700-plus sales agents are known as ethical, educated and productive.

Here You Can

Be part of the next generation of excellence at Coach Realtors.

"Work with us."

Co-Owners: Whitney Finn LaCosta,
Robert LaCosta, LP Finn

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